Music Projects for Sale

1.) "Jesus Saves"

Written by: Adrian J. Ford

Featuring: various local artists from the Atlanta community.

Style: Gospel Jazz

Cost of Cd: $12.00 (plus shipping and handling)

Cost of Song Book: $12.00

Cost of Song Book/ Cd packet: $20.00

Individual Sheet music scores: 2.00 per score (Available in PDF files)

Individual Song Tracks: 1.50 each (available in file.wma format)

Music snippets from "Jesus Saves"

  1. "Jesus Saves" 

  2. "God Loves You"

  3. "God is There"

Books for Sales: (Coming Soon)

1. Adrian Ford Piano Music Theory Course

2. Adrian Ford Music Theory Video/DVD 


Piano Lessions 


30 min lessons are $12.50 per lesson.

1hr lessons are $20.00 per hour.


Age Range:  4 years or older.


Music Books: Music book requirements are based on the cognitive development of the child or adult.


New Life Presbyterian Church

6600 Old National Highway

College Park, GA 30345.


"Piano lessons are taught by Adrian J. Ford. He is a Certified Teacher in Music Education. He has taught piano with a concentration in Music Theory and performance for 12 years. Students who successfully complete his program are able to function musically as competent accompanists and/or soloist.