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The Adrian Ford Music website is designed to bring into awareness of the musical talents of pianist and composers Adrian Ford. It is the goal of this website to offer a variety of musical services to the general public. 

We are a brand new multifacid company offering superb music services at competitive prices. The services include but not limited to Live performances, studio recording sessions with the "Professorfingers Café Band", song writing, sheet music scoring, vocal/Instrumental/ensemble orchestration, score editing, transposition, arranging, score duplication and music distribution. We also publish and help artists/composers with copyright documents.            

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The mission of the Adrian Ford Music website is to offer musical services as needed or requested by the public. Our mission is to further music education in church, academia, and other arenas. Also, we endeavor to help local artists actualize their music ideas as best to our ability. We link and work with other musicians to promote the study of music and performance in religious, educational, and commercial arenas.

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